So, the Day Four is here and I feel lighter than a feather :-)
This is where my hunger normally subsides and I can continue
the cleanse for as long, as I want.

natalia kern

Every morning I start with warm water with lemon and ginger -
paramount in order to wake your system up and get things moving.
It’s also the very drink that keeps me satiated and happy.
Every time I feel like grabbing a solid food, I make this potion
and it works magic!

Another thing to remember is to continue taking your vitamins.
In addition to my multi, Fish Oil and Immune Booster, I take
Oregano Oil, two capsules a day.
This keeps me from weakening my immune system and catching
whatever is flying in the air at the moment.

I am drinking a lot of water and adding some pure coconut water.
Natural energy boost and taste especially sweet while cleansing.

Here some killer recipes that I added during the last 3 days.

1. Carrot, turmeric, ginger and lemon. Amazing!
2. Kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, mint.
Drink as much as your beautiful heart desires!
3. Strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, cayenne.

When it comes to proportions, base it on your taste.
Sometimes, I like it spicy, sometimes, super green and
sometimes sweet. So, I add more of the ingredients my body
craves at the moment.

There are many places that will prepare cleanse juices
for you (at least here in SoCAl). So, if you are short
on time or don’t want to juice yourself, order it.
But make sure, it’s organic, especially root vegetables,
cold pressed (for more than 1 day cleanses) and local (cheaper).

Check out Amazon Fresh for local juiceries. I love this service.

So, overall, my cleanse was very successful.
I broke it with delicious consome’ and avocado.
Lost a little over 5 lbs and got rid of the annoying flu that
was bothering my sinus for days :-)

Try it and let me know how it went for you!