Natalia Muntean Kern

Hi there!

As some of you might know already, I am getting ready for a photo shoot with Oxygen magazine.

I am super excited about it and training my booty in a high gear.

My workouts are different every time I step into my sweat room, I love to keep my muscles guessing.

Here is my recent ABS Shredder Routine, I loved it so much, I had to share it with you:


Abs Shredder Routine:


10 reps X 10 sets


1. Hanging Leg Raises or Captain Chair Raises

2. Jump Rope – 1 min

3. Straight Leg Crunch with Dumbbell

4. Jump Rope – 1 min

5. Stability Ball Oblique Crunch (on each side)

6. Jump Rope – 1 min

7. Cable Pulleys

8. Jump Rope – 1 min

9. Stability Ball Pike Plank

10. Jump Rope – 1 min


Stay Fit and Healthy!