I am so happy I gave breastfeeding a second chance!

I’ve nursed my son for 4 months and it was very tough, to say the least. I had a difficult pregnancy,

which lead to hard recovery and it affected my milk supply…
I was going back and forth on wether I should breastfeed my daughter or go straight to formula,

but decided to give it my best at nursing for as long as I can without high expectations.
So I took one day at a time doing my best connecting with my little one and nursing her on demand,

then a week later I started to pump after each feeding. It worked!
In less than a month I’ve saved over 2 gallons of breast milk!!
I want to say to all new mommies out there: don’t give up,

BUT also, know that you have a choice! So many of us feel pressured and guilty,

we compare ourselves to each other and feel bad sometimes for not being able to breastfeed.

Although, nursing would be my first choice – I couldn’t do it for long first time around and my baby boy is perfectly healthy!
This time is a true blessing – I’m a lot healthier, not stressed and totally freed myself of any pressure to be perfect.

I guess it mattered, because results are crazy!

Not to mention the amount of calories burned while producing milk (20 calories per 1 ounce!) :-)

Also, I’m taking supplements, drinking gallons of water and eating very well.
Supplements: mothers milk tea and mother love plus capsules.

Bottom line though is:

Don’t stress about it, just do your best and take one day at a time!

Stay Fit and Healthy,