After going through a lot of emails from my clients, I was thinking a lot about the fact

that some of them have succeeded in the most difficult circumstances and some have never even tried.

For example, I get many emails regarding My Bikini Plan and most of them are very positive,
some are “techy” (tech support related) and some are asking for a refund, which I gladly offer.
There’s nothing I need less than money from an unsatisfied customer.
However, there’s a common thing in all the refunds -
they’re all happen within the first few days after the purchase.
And I know, it’s NOT because my program sucks.
(I know it’s darn good and worked for too many people, including myself, to prove me otherwise!)
One customer even said: “I just don’t want to work too hard.”
Honest at least!
But here’s the thing, you’ll NEVER EVER be able to succeed in ANYTHING, especially fitness,
if you are not ready to work hard. No matter what program you buy or diet you fed by.
It’s never easy – you just get stronger! 
You train through soreness of your muscles, through inconvenience of your schedules and through some missed social events.
You eat healthily through crazy cravings, party tables spreads and even when the results are not showing just yet…
You stay on course through plateaus and through the frustration of not having an immediate result.
Why? Because it’s all worth it! 
Your body is the only home you’ve got, forever – don’t trash it.
It doesn’t care what excuse led you to miss on training for weeks, months, years.
It doesn’t care why you had those extra drinks, pizzas and desserts. It’s just going to feel awful and show you resentment.
Maybe, not right away, but eventually, by showing you signs of your neglect in fatigue, lack of motivation and strength, depression,
“love handles”, belly fat, cellulite, acne and sour attitude…
So, no matter what excuse holds you back from your fitness success – the only person who’ll suffer from it is YOU.
Not your coach, trainer, nutritionist, girlfriend, boyfriend or creator of the latest DVD program…
You don’t need anything to start the change, but your decision and commitment -
You have everything you need! I’ve been there, I know.
Get up, look in a mirror and promise yourself the lifestyle your body and health deserves.
Now is the time!
Stay Fit and Healthy,